Manufacturing Companies

Emeritor has accomplished significant (financial) results in major- and smaller manufacturing companies by mobilising procurement professionals and performing procurement improvement programs.

The procurement department may have insufficient time, caused by operational pressure, to perform company-wide structural procurement savings programs. This leads to insufficient use of procurement potential. Emeritor’s focus and innovative approach, concentrated on improving the overall process through involvement of suppliers in your primary- and secondary processes, helps you to create the time that is required.

Emeritor’s client base includes: Frames, Aebi Schmidt NIDO, Helvoet Rubber & Plastics, De Boer en Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe.

Emeritor’s procurement improvement program starts with a financial- and qualitative analysis and an overall plan of action. From this point we help you develop and implement a procurement strategy and policy, according to the Emeritor House of Procurement®.

Our first step is to get quick wins to run a cash positive program in the shortest possible time, followed by TCO-sourcing projects. At the same time we will start improvement projects around themes such as processes, human resources, methods, communications, systems and suppliers. These improvements set standards and therefore should also lead to results without Emeritor's help. Our references show that this approach is effective.

More information: Fulco van Esveld.