About Emeritor


About Emeritor

Since 1998, Emeritor has been the number one independent procurement service provider. We help organisations achieve objectives more quickly and efficiently by inspiring them to get more out of their procurement processes. We help organisations see more with procurement!

We apply our motto ‘think, dare, do and continue’ in supporting our clients, in order to realise structural improvements and procurement processes, and in the implementation of procurement projects and (European) tenders.

Emeritor and their clients ‘think’ about (re)positioning the procurement function within the organisation. With Emeritor’s knowledge and the proposed plan of approach, the client is no longer ‘afraid' to take the next step to achieve improvement. Emeritor takes its responsibility and helps the client implement the chosen vision and strategy by ‘doing’ it together. After the implementation, Emeritor leaves its knowledge, processes and procedures so the client can continue on the road that was chosen.

What characterizes Emeritor?

Ronald Vroom“Together with a team of colleagues making sure our customers not only make the right decisions on purchase area but also that we capture them together in to sustainable improvements and savings! How beautiful is that? "

- Ronald Vroom, Senior Procurement Advisor