Emeritor as procurement knowledge home

Emeritor as procurement knowledge home 

When Emeritor was founded in 1998, procurement was ‘virgin territory’ for a lot of organisations. Large multinationals had started using the first theoretical models and started the professionalisation of their procurement.

Our models

In a structured and accessible manner, Emeritor made the models – that mainly originated from the USA – available for other organisations in order to share the knowledge and make it applicable as well. That’s why the Emeritor House of Procurement and the Emeritor maturity model were developed. These models still form the basis of everything that we do.

Core value

Of course, we have been busy ever since. In 2005, we launched the first Executive MBA Procurement Management of Europe. Although this Master course has now been taken over by Business University Nyenrode, the transfer of knowledge remains an important part of our approach. Sharing knowledge with our clients is one of our core values. Only then can we make our clients aware of the procurement potential they possess!

Market and process knowledge

The knowledge development within Emeritor has two orientations. On the one hand, we develop knowledge about the market, especially about procurement packages we often see with clients. These are our specialisms. On the other hand, we develop knowledge about the procurement process with the client. We use this to build the rooms of the House of Procurement. The combination of market and organisational knowledge is the power of Emeritor. No loose ends, but clarity throughout the entire process, from the establishment of necessities all the way to the implementation.


We find so-called cross-pollination very important. That’s why we want our view on the professional field to be as broad as possible. Our people are not bound to a certain branch, but active in all sectors. Additionally, they are permanently employed, so that the experience they gain is preserved. This helps us ensure that not only the explicit but the implicit knowledge is transferred as well, to colleagues and to you, the client.