Emeritor House of Procurement


Emeritor House of Procurement®

The Emeritor House of Procurement was developed in 1998 and has since been our frame of reference for the design of the procurement function within private, public and not-for-profit organisations.
The core of the house consists of five rooms. Together, they form the foundation of the procurement function in every organisation. The other parts form the preconditions that are necessary to develop the rooms.
Those developments can be followed with the Emeritor procurement maturity model. We can distinguish five levels in this model. On every level, the integration with other company processes increases and thus the control on the procurement process.

The necessary steps will be written down for you in an improvement plan. First and foremost, we will make sure that every room is brought to the same level, allowing them to grow to the desired ambition level. The ambition level is a choice, partially dependent on the desired (and to be repaid) savings and improvement goals.