MSU+ model

MSU+ model

The MSU+ model describes eight strategic processes for the procurement function and six for the supporting processes. This reference model is used in the program Purchasing Excellence Public (PEP) of NEVI/PIA.

10 maturity levels

Each process has ten maturity levels (from level 0 to level 10). By using the corresponding criteria, our auditors are capable of measuring the procurement organisation. During the analysis, the current procurement maturity level of the procurement function of the procuring service is determined and compared to the ambition level that is to be achieved. We report on the aspects that are (not) met for each process of the MSU+ model. These aspects form the basis of discussion about opportunities to improve and short and long-term measures that could lead to the desired results.
The processes are assessed individually on multiple aspects and the maturity level is established for each individual process. Determining the score occurs via a strict step-by-step principle, which means the organisation can only proceed to the next level if all aspects of the previous levels have been met. Emeritor uses certified auditors to test your procurement function according to MSU and MSU+ in both the private and public sector.


Emeritor was the first organisation to be certified in 2005 to execute measurements on the basis of the MSU+ model and has executed dozens of measurements already. By means of this model, the procurement development of more than 100 procurement organisations from the public sector has been measured over the last few years and ‘Best Practices' have been exchanged.

Emeritor as consultant procurement collaboration ministries

In 2004, Emeritor advised the project management PIA regarding the procurement collaboration between the ministries. Emeritor used a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) approach for this purpose with respect to several procurement packages. Emeritor provided advice on the best way to execute the joint procurement projects that were to be started, focusing their attention on the various roles that needed to be fulfilled with such complex and politically sensitive projects. For instance, portfolio holders were appointed at a managerial level. A basis was created through workshops and the expectations of everyone’s role were described. The same was done for the project leaders that needed to manage the procurement programs.

Furthermore, Emeritor was chosen by the PIA/NEVI as the number one company for the execution of the program Purchasing Excellence Public with MSU+ measurements. Emeritor performs the qualitative and quantitative analysis and advises organisations from all parts of the public sector in the field of procurement professionalisation and the realisation of cost reductions.