Emeritor procurement maturity model

Het Emeritor Volwassenheidsmodel

Emeritor procurement maturity model®

The Emeritor procurement maturity model was developed in 1998 by Emeritor in order to support organisations in their attempts to create a professional procurement function and achieve a uniform frame of reference. Together with the Emeritor House of Procurement , the model forms the theme of our service.

The model is based on the Capability Maturity Model of the Software Engineering Institute.

The Emeritor procurement maturity model addresses four aspects:

  • the current level of ‘maturity’ of a procurement function;
  • the potential to optimise the current work method;
  • the potential to increase the value and savings of procurement;
  • the steps to actually achieve these improvements.

We will establish this based on a procurement analysis, both qualitative and quantitative, resulting in an improvement plan.
The model has been successfully applied both within the business community and the government.