Our story

Emeritor - Our story

By compiling their knowledge, expertise and experience, Cees Ubink and Caroline van den Bosch founded Performance Inkooppartners (Performance Procurement Partners) on 1 June 1998. Founded in a ‘hospitality' office in Alphen aan den Rijn. Their drive? Find a new place for the procurement function within organisations. When they founded the company in 1998, the vision on procurement was shaped with the Emeritor procurement home and the Emeritor procurement maturity model.

This methodology…
is the backbone of our organisation

In 2002, due to professional reasons, we decided to change the name to 'Emeritor’ and we moved to our new business premises in Nieuwkoop. We’re still here and by now, we have gathered a team of over 100 employees.

We pride ourselves on our core values:

  • We are reliable, passionate and proactive professionals
    we identify us with our customers and go to great lengths in dedication and we together with our customers, we get organizations into movement.
  • We share our knowledge and expertise,
    we do so with colleagues, clients and the market. We continue to develop, we create added value and contribute to a lasting result.
  • We book results above expectations
    we are hands-on, do more than we say and create honor in achieving results of which the customer does not know they are possible.