Edwin Bijlsma, Managing Consultant

“Procurement is an incredibly versatile profession. You dive into all aspects of an organisation.”

Edwin Bijlsma

Director Public sector & Healthcare Emeritor

Edwin BIjlsma

Incredibly versatile

Edwin is managing consultant at Emeritor and leads procurement improvement programs, primarily in the public sector. Content-wise, he is more specialised in change management, financial and qualitative procurement analysis and complex (European) tenders. For clients, he is often the linking pin between board and the organisation. Additionally, he devotes a lot of attention to coaching (junior) colleagues within Emeritor and making them enthusiastic.

Mirror image of the seller

“This is an incredibly versatile profession,” says Edwin. “You dive into all aspects of an organisation, both operationally and strategically. Furthermore, you also almost always work in a team, which for me contributes heavily to the dynamic. “ He emphasises the commercial nature of his work. “Improving the procurement performance of an organisation could have an immense impact on its success. It could really make the difference between winning or losing. In that aspect, the procurer is the mirror image of the seller. Even in cases of performance-oriented work, a good procurer can definitely hold one's own. “ Edwin gets a kick out of seeing the results of his efforts every time. “Our work contributes visibly to the success of the organisation and – especially for clients from the public sector – to society as well. In that case, it has a direct impact on people. I like seeing that you can make a difference.”

Inspired team

Edwin has been working for Emeritor since 2005. He has felt at home with the organisation from his very first day here. “We help a whole range of clients, both in the private and public sector. You get a lot of opportunities to constantly develop and unfold yourself. Emeritor has a wealth of knowledge and experience available. You can definitely use that to your advantage, no matter at which level you start here. “He is part of an inspired team,” he tells us. “At Emeritor, we have people who always want to do better and who really want to win. But, it is also a social organisation with a lot of attention for the individual. We are performance-oriented, but Emeritor is there for you in bad times too. There is a high sense of mutual loyalty. ”

Tenders are hot

Edwin has a lot of experience in the field of (European) tenders. “It’s a world where a lot of things happen and that’s constantly moving. It requires the skill to switch tasks effortlessly and gain a comprehensive view of a complex entirety of circumstances and developments. Tenders are hot. For instance, a new Public Procurement Act is on its way and more and more organisations are being faced with this theme. For procurement specialists – junior and senior employees – it’ll be all hands on deck for the next few years. ”