Margreth van Deuren, The face of Emeritor

“Everyone contributes in their own way to the development of Emeritor.”


Margreth van Deuren

The face of  Emeritor

Margreth van Deuren

Just be yourself!

If there ever was a motto that was right for Emeritor, it’s this: “Just be yourself!” Taking the floor is Margreth van Deuren, administrative employee and telephonist of Emeritor. “This is one of the reasons why I feel so at home here. I started working here in February of 2004. Before that, I worked in the furniture branch, amongst other places. For me, it’s impossible to compare Emeritor to other companies that I know and not just because of the specialisation in the field of procurement. About 12 people work here at the office in Nieuwkoop. The other colleagues work on location with our clients, that’s why they aren’t often at our office in Nieuwkoop, which makes it seem like I'm working for a small company. Still, we talk a lot on the phone. If they’re looking for information or want to discuss something with other colleagues, they often end up with me.”

Monthly meetings

There are a lot of events so as to strengthen the underlying connection between Emeritor colleagues, because a lot of them work on location. Every month, we organise meetings, which a lot of Emeritor colleagues attend. These meetings vary in nature: educational, social or evaluation (review of quarter).

It’s useful and fun to see colleagues again every month. And despite the fact that they are all very independent professionals, nobody struts around with their chest puffed out, so to speak. Everyone contributes in their own way to the development of Emeritor and nobody feels better than anyone else. This creates an informal, open and pleasant atmosphere at work, in which I feel completely at home!