Areas of expertise

Areas of expertise

Emeritor has a wide range of purchasing expertise as a specialized procurement service provider. Before our people come to work at Emeritor, they have often acquired buying experience from several organizations in different sectors. And in employment with Emeritor, the work is characterized by the variation in activities and clients. That is why Emeritor is able to fulfill all your purchasing questions, no matter how large the variety of products and services that organizations purchase.

How do you handle your suppliers? Based on trust of presentation oriented?

Hans Hofkes - Senior Procurement Specialist Facility
Hans Hofkes - Senior Procurement Specialist Facility

The facility services will always be customized, what needs to be carried out by the suppliers who use the right products. Quality will always earns itself back with good service and clear conditions and a great collaboration. In the facility services working field there is a change taking place its moving from performance to working on trust.

The procurement department has a lot to do with these changes. How do you handle the responsibilities to your suppliers ? Intermediate forms in contracts and cooperation are decisive for positioning the right work institution and pooling knowledge. The approach of Emeritor is clear, personal and pragmatic. The insight into the internal need is central , this is because here lies the change to get the right supplier to the company. In the accompany the right procedure; from the intern need to working together, Emeritor makes simple the difference. So back to basics; build a corporate relationship by investing with each other and trust on our expertise. Thinking, daring and most of all doing it together.

Hans Hofkes has worked for years a facility manager and has the right skills to make a difference in your company. Hans has worked for a few companies and governments. With his background it has helped Hans to be able to work as procurement project leader. He brings a lot of substantive knowledge which helps on both of the sides of the table. His expertise concentrates on the facility procurement, facility management process, European procurement and space control.

Hans is a nice and accessible person. He knows how resistance can be changed to positive energy, which not only leads to a good result but also a sense of satisfaction with the people who he works for. Employees like if you with them, instead of looking for a solution. It fits in with the current climate of self-management, self-organization and entrepreneurship of professionals.




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Rutger Burger, BAM

"‘Emeritor distinguishes itself in concretising and implementing a multidisciplinary approach, including working in integrated purchasing teams."

Ted Appelman, NIBC

“Emeritor not only analyzes and advises, but also works shoulder to shoulder with the internal organization to implement the advice. With the savings they realize, they earn themselves back, while also implementing structural improvements.”


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