Emeritor helps healthcare institutions improve their procurement function via procurement programs and offers support for outsourcing. During a procurement improvement program, we lift the procurement function to the next level. We help your organisation in formulating the procurement policy, aimed at the structural improvement of your procurement.

Improving procurement in healthcare

Emeritor has a lot of clients in the healthcare sector, each with their own ambitions when it comes to their procurement process. Despite the differences, there is a similarity as well: everything in healthcare is changing. And there is a great need for ‘more hands in healthcare’ and fewer dismissals.

Our biggest projects in healthcare are the procurement improvement programs, which we use to bring the procurement function to a higher level and achieve maximum procurement results. For example, after a fusion or reorganisation but also in cases when procurement simply needs to be improved upon. By using multidisciplinary teams, we make new agreements with suppliers and we improve the work processes. A procurement program is a short but intensive period, focused on permanent improvement of costs and quality.


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