Financial provision of services

Financial provision of services

Emeritor supports banks, insurance companies and pension fund holders by focusing on the procurement expenses for company management, such as ICT, Human Resources and contract administration. We will make sure that your hired personnel are placed in the right position and that you make the right choices in your contract administration and procurement of ICT.

Procurement of ICT

Emeritor’s ICT procurement specialists render the ICT opportunities transparent and help you make the right choices. A financial institution spends a lot of money on ICT. Are you planning to update the old systems? Or are you investing in new systems? How do you prevent a lock-in, or a more common question: how do we get rid of it?

The financial sector has to deal with high demands regarding reliability and safety of the systems, for instance in the field of privacy. These high demands result in the ICT department being faced with certain dilemmas. Emeritor can provide advice on this matter.

Hiring external personnel

Emeritor can make sure the hiring of external personnel does not lead to a fragmented decision-making process. Emeritor chooses to design the process in such a way that every department is able to choose the best professionals, while keeping the costs and hiring risks in check.

Digitalisation contract administration

Emeritor digitalises your ‘from order to payment' process. An accessible contract administration and the implementation of contract management will give you insight into your expenses and grip on the agreements with suppliers. Emeritor gives advice in the selection of systems and design of the digital environment.

Digitalisation also leads to new work methods and processes. That is why Emeritor looks beyond the software and why we guide your employees during the change in your organisation.