Professional services

Professional services

Procurement expenses in the services sector are increasing. More and more suppliers that are able to offer better and cheaper activities are joining the sector. Emeritor advises you in establishing the needs, selecting these suppliers and optimising the procurement process.

Growth through suppliers

Your organisation will not become smaller by outsourcing certain services. In fact, the opposite is true. Outsourcing is simply a way of managing growth. Emeritor has seen that organisations no longer bet their money on autonomous growth, but make more use of external parties. This could mean a fusion or take-over, but much more often, organisations choose procurement and the sale of activities. We see the procurement function as a strategic process to manage growth.

Focus on the internal procurement process

The services sector also procures services. A lot of interim managers, self-employed people, cleaners and accountants can be found at the office. All suppliers, all services. For these suppliers, what matters most is management. Not the hourly rates, but their performance.

Emeritor focuses mainly on the organisation of the procurement process. We primarily target the internal aspects of the process. We optimise the decision-making, the roles and tasks and ensure that every department is able to choose the best professional, while keeping expenses and hiring risks in check.

Contract management

The use of the right software is a good way to guarantee the procurement process. Emeritor supports the “from order to payment” process via contract management.

Change management

For a lot of people, optimising the procurement function equals a change. We prepare the people for the new tasks and roles that are being introduced by the new work method and strategy. To us, procurement is, first and foremost, change management.