Coaching & Training

Coaching & Training

Are your procurement employees in need of training or coaching? Emeritor employs training consultants who can help your employees increase their knowledge and thus their added value for your organisation. We use practical examples and compiled learning modules to set up custom-made procurement training.

Coaching for procurement employees

Coaching is a way to improve the outcome of your procurement department. ‘On the job’ supervision by an expert procurement consultant is considered the best tool to support procurement employees in their development of content-related and social skills. Coaching for us means that we pair up your employee with an expert with hands-on knowledge of procurement and supply chain management with the right social skills and necessary competences. We set up a custom-made coaching program, completely tailored to your wishes and demands. Emeritor believes that a personal approach leads to the best results.

Focus on new procurement

Procurers take part in collaborations, cross-functional teams and focus on supplier development and management. Procurement is now increasing its focus on its surroundings, which requires a coordinating role. This role requires substantive knowledge in combination with soft skills, such as negotiating and collaborating.

Training and workshops

Emeritor provides various types of training for procurers (in-house or online). We offer standard trainings, in which we dive into basic skills such as procurement strategies, negotiating and engaging. We also elaborate on this with practical examples and theoretical information that is specifically attuned to your situation and the roles of your employees.
In addition, we also organise and facilitate workshops. You can choose from various modules to compile your program. These modules are available on a strategic and tactical level.