Knowledge & Capacity

Knowledge & Capacity

Do you need temporary reinforcement of your procurement department, or do you want to bring about structural change with our interim procurement manager? Perhaps you don’t have a procurement department, but you do require procurement expertise? Emeritor has the right people that can take care of your procurement. With Knowledge & Capacity, we offer short or long-term help with (procurement) knowledge and capacity of our procurement consultants. On top of that, we also offer education, training and coaching of all procurement issues.

Flexibility procurement experts

Our procurement consultants are used temporarily to meet qualitative or quantitative lack of capacity on a strategic, tactical or operational level. However, our employees are also ready to help you in making procurement analyses, providing interim management, coaching, trainings and advice.

Combined expertise

With approximately 100 employees, Emeritor has a lot of experts on hand. Our employees can always count on the help and knowledge of colleagues that are experienced in procurement of a specific service or product.

Interim managers

Emeritor offers you experienced procurement board members that understand how a company should be managed and who have worked at both the business end and procurement end, our ‘CPOs on demand’. Their approach and the manner in which they fulfil their role naturally depend on your organisation, the development phase of the procurement function and the already used external potential.