Have you ever considered outsourcing your procurement activities? Thanks to many years of experience, Emeritor is now an expert at executing and improving the procurement function and has built up a very reliable expertise in efficiently and effectively taking over procurement from organisations. Organisations are constantly working on organising their company activities more efficiently and more effectively and the opportunity to insource or outsource is part of that.

By outsourcing your procurement, you are taking the next step in the development of the procurement function, by:

  • step-by-step outsourcing of indirect procurement categories;
  • being able to focus on strategic procurement activities and outsourcing the tactical (and operational) activities;
  • transferring the responsibility for the execution and outcome.

Advantages of outsourcing

Outsourcing your procurement function has a few important advantages:

  • Increased savings, which can be realised faster (more at the same time);
  • Contributing the required procurement knowledge and competences;
  • Continuity and flexibility in the number of employees in the procurement department;
  • Using experts in the relevant areas of special interest;
  • Gaining control over procurement expenses and better reports.

When to outsource procurement?

With respect to the issue regarding procurement, it is important to establish whether procurement within the organisation is perceived as a strategic activity. For organisations with relatively low and predominantly indirect procurement expenses, procurement is probably only operationally relevant and outsourcing is a recommendable option.

Expertise Emeritor

As procurement service provider, we are present in the market every day. This allows us to deliver better and quicker results. By using Emeritor’s expertise, organisations can focus all of their required attention to their procurement activities. Our employees will help you gain access to external knowledge and capacity and, last but not least, help realise increased savings. For example, read our interview with Frans van Steenis, general manager of the Staatsloterij, on how this organisation manages to save millions of euros.