Financial Analysis

Financiële analyse

Financial analysis

The Financial procurement analysis is a great starting point for every procurement course, but it is mostly a benchmark for procurement management as well. The financial analysis provides insight into the procurement volume that can be influenced. A lot of organisations find this information difficult to discover. The data is usually present, but how do you translate this to (relevant) procurement information?

Emeritor would love to help you! We have different types of financial procurement analyses available. We can perform the analysis (or scan) for you based on information provided by you. Or, you could choose to use our online tool, the FIA Online. Additionally, we also offer an abridged version of the FIA Online, the FIA lite*.

Information and insights you will receive through a financial analysis:

  • The total procurement volume
  • The number of suppliers from which you purchase
  • Overview of the most important suppliers
  • Procurement packages with highest expenditures

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

*The FIA Lite provides limited information in comparison to the FIA Online.
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