Procurement improvement programs

Procurement improvement programs

The goal of a procurement improvement program is to structurally improve your procurement. We focus on demonstrating and realising savings and improvement options, realising quick applications, execution and implementation of selected procurement courses and structure projects.

Start: procurement analysis

Emeritor starts with a procurement analysis through a financial and qualitative analysis. Subsequently, we will present our findings and get to work within your organisation by implementing the improvements and savings. After the financial and qualitative analysis, we will present our findings to help you achieve savings and structural improvements with your procurement function through procurement projects.

Drawing up procurement goals

During a procurement improvement program, Emeritor will – together with you – draw up the procurement policy (starting points policy) and procurement goals. These goals are related to the strategy of your organisation. A few examples of procurement goals:

  • Collaborating with new suppliers that will increase your success;
  • Decreasing procurement expenses;
  • Decreasing administrative costs with respect to procurement;
  • Decreasing risks by using suppliers;
  • Interpreting your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives;
  • Increasing the quality of your products and improved reliability regarding delivery;
  • Improving the integration of the procurement function in the company processes.

Moving on with a better procurement process

Emeritor's help is temporary and the final objective of our services is that your organisation will be able to continue to improve without Emeritor, at the same level. Emeritor strives towards short and long-term results. After accepting our recommendations, the continuation of the program will be initiated after mutual agreement. Initially, we will choose the most important procurement courses that will be elaborated on in baseline measurements and project plans. For this purpose, the entire procurement cycle will be run through according to the Emeritor eight-step procurement process.

Frans van Steenis, General Manager Staatsloterij about Emeritor

Frans van Steenis started a Procurement Improvement Program with Emeritor. In this interview he tells how structurally procurement savings worth millions have been realised.