Implementation method

Implementation method

Employees generally tend to be reserved when changes occur. Even changes in procurement strategies are sometimes met with resistance. Timely and correct communication and creating support help prevent resistance. To achieve this, Emeritor uses its communication approach and procurement implementation method.

We communicate with involved staff

Our procurement implementation method focuses on all employees that are involved in a possible change in procurement processes. They will have to deal with the new procurement function or the introduction of new suppliers, products or services and/or new procurement processes. Emeritor thinks it’s important that they incorporate changes in a positive manner. That is why we devote a lot of attention to communicating said changes.

Support from the organisation

In the most elaborate form, Emeritor works with implementation cells and facilitators. Their task is to establish that the consequences of the procurement projects are understood and the appropriate action is taken in the various disciplines and parts of the organisation, in order to ensure that:

  • Within 3 months after completion of a procurement project, the implementation within the part of the organisation has been realised and the intended profits or improvements have been guaranteed;
  • Communication of the procurement project leaders with the internal client goes well;
  • The implementation process is guarded and escalated if necessary.

The combination of communication and implementation power ensures that the procurement results remain anchored in the long run.