Organisation procurement function

Organisation procurement function

The procurement function is an broad term for all processes and elements of your organisation's procurement. Emeritor supports you in organising and/or optimising your procurement function. Our approach for the organisation of the procurement function is practical, pragmatic, focused on actual improvements and savings.

Decrease TCO

Our approach does not only focus on the price of the goods or services or the negotiations with suppliers. We focus on decreasing the total integral costs. The savings we realise with the teams of our clients consist of direct costs (price) and indirect costs (process and quality). This allows the process profit to be up to four times as high as the price profit that is realised.
With our successful experiences in many sectors, we can guarantee that, within 9-24 months, we can achieve substantial improvements and savings within your organisation.

Our approach

For the optimisation of the procurement function, we have a standard approach:

  • Every assignment starts with a financial and qualitative analysis. This provides you with insight into your expenses and the quality of your procurement function.
  • Subsequently, we will take a closer look at your procurement expenses. We have expert procurement knowledge in various domains, such as technical materials, general and technical support services, ICT, HRM, professional services and marketing/communication.
  • We also take care of structural improvement, e.g. with the implementation of an e-procurement process and system, organisation of procurement organisation, procurement controlling function or temporary assistance in cleaning up item lists.

Up-to-date knowledge and field-tested models

Emeritor works on organising procurement functions every day and has the most up-to-date knowledge in this field. Important guidelines are the Emeritor procurement house®, the MSU model® and the Emeritor procurement maturity model®.