Program management

Program management

With a procurement improvement program (program management), Emeritor helps you obtain your goals more quickly and more efficiently. We do this in close collaboration with your organisation. Together, we implement the selected improvements in procurement policy, procurement processes, procurement organisation and staff, systems, methods, communication and suppliers.

Emeritor’s role in a program

Emeritor’s tasks during a program:

  • Introducing the standard Emeritor program and project approach;
  • Supporting and training project leaders and other involved employees;
  • Establishing information from the projects;
  • Making Emeritor Best Practices available and incorporating this into your systems, e.g. standard tools and templates, RFPs, contracts, benchmark information;
  • Monitoring and reporting on project and program progression;
  • Registration of savings;
  • Performing validation process savings.

Temporary activities Emeritor

Emeritor only helps temporarily. The intention of our services is that your organisation can go on without Emeritor, at the same level. This means that the implementation services package is completed by procurement trainings and procurement software in order to guarantee the achieved result. Our experience shows that there is major profit on the internal and process side.