Purchase to Pay

Purchase to Pay

Organisations are devoting an increasing amount of attention on the term Purchase to Pay (P2P), but what does this mean for your organisation?

The Purchase to Pay process encompasses all acts of procurements up to the payment of goods and services (the operational procurement process). A Purchase to Pay system supports the operational procurement process. More and more organisations are faced with the question of whether or not they should purchase a P2P system. And if so, which one? And, once that system has been purchased, how do they implement the system in a way that suits the processes and work method of the organisation?

Emeritor has the knowledge and expertise to help organisations answer these questions. Whether it’s advice on whether or not to buy a P2P system, setting up the design brief of a P2P system, the sourcing of the system itself or the functional and technical implementation of the system, Emeritor is here to help.

Emeritor has developed its P2P proposition in collaboration with her partner Conquaestor. The combined expertise of both organisations is compiled into one powerful proposition in which procurement expertise and process and IT knowledge are now intertwined.

P2P Proposition

The added value of the joint P2P proposition of Emeritor and Conquaestor lies in the inclusion of both the system and process knowledge of the tactical and operational procurement process.